Class #10 Exercises: Trying to predict happiness

Question #1: How much do you make per hour?

Question #2: When you spend 10 dollars, how many minutes have you spent? 

Question #3: When you spend 25 dollars, how many hours or minutes have you spent?

Question #4: When you spend 100 dollars, how many hours have you spent?

Question #5: When you spend 1,000 dollars, how many hours have you spent?

Question #6: How much time do you spend stressing out about money, or upset with yourself about your finances, or having difficult conversations with loved ones about money?



Question #7: How much time do you lose because of stress over money, or because you have to scrape things together to pay the bills?



Question #8: Did you underestimate how much time each expenditure is really costing you in questions 2 through 5, or were your answers right on?

Question #9: What will you do to remind yourself, each time you spend money, of the trade-offs you are making? Feel free to be creative here.





Question #10: When you have to make big financial decisions or large purchases, how will you structure your decision-making time so that you consider the actual trade-offs?





Question #11: The true cost of any purchase is whatever else the money could have been used for. Do you think about your financial goals when spending money, and about how each time you spend it pushes you away from other goals?


Question #12: If you did think about the true cost of purchases, what would  change about your finances and spending habits?




Question #13: If you are going to give up some spending, something has to replace the spending. You are getting something out of the money you spend. What is that something? What are getting in return for the spending that you have identified as foolish?




Question #14: What are you going to do to get those same results without wasting money? Be as creative as you’d like here. Remember, you may just have to try lots of things until you find replacements that you really like.




Question #15: When in your life have you bought things that turned out to be useless simply because you changed?



Question #16: What financial commitments have you gotten into that turned into a mess because you changed?




Question #17: Knowing that you will be a different person in the future, how should that knowledge affect your spending and financial decisions?






Question #18: Truthfully, we just don’t predict well. Who can you ask about spending decisions, especially major ones, that has real life experience that would help you out?





Question #19: Who are the “maximizers” in your life?




Question #20: What can you learn from them?









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