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How do I find my passion?

Overcoming Mental Illness

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February, 2020  The Six Rules
February, 2020  Good market returns and a good economy–am I worried about a crash?

January, 2020  My “Godfather” speech to my younger self
January, 2020  No one will care which college you went to
January, 2020  Sometimes the “Secret to Success” is just to Survive.

December, 2019  You have to be wrong before you can be right.
December, 2019  What do your family stories about money tell you?

November, 2019  How Leaders Set Boundaries
November, 2019  Yes is easy. No is hard. But maybe will kill you.
November, 2019  The one showing symptoms is not the one who is sick
November, 2019  You don’t owe anyone an explanation

October, 2019  How to achieve freedom and clarity.
October, 2019  The new Joker movie is trash.
October, 2019  If “positive thinking” is actually making your depression worse, try this instead
October, 2019  If you’re trying to prove a point, you’re on the wrong path.
October, 2019  You are the average of the five people you spend the most emotional energy on.

September, 2019  Go after what you REALLY want
September, 2019  You cannot love others unless you go after what you really want. And you can’t get what you really want without loving others.
September, 2019  The most insidious addiction: being addicted to feeling special or important instead of feeling loved.
September, 2019  Four reasons you should celebrate your friend’s success, even if you have to fake it. (And even if they don’t support you.)

August, 2019  The 10 things I would say to my 21 year-old self.
August, 2019  Feeling stuck? Feeling lost? No purpose? Unmotivated? Here is why you need to just try some stuff.
August, 2019  Abusers always call you selfish

July, 2019  A comeback is not a go back.
July, 2019  Do you procrastinate most on the things you care most about?
July, 2019  I just did another funeral.
July, 2019  If you want to say no, that’s a good enough reason to say no.

June, 2019  Why do victims make excuses for their abusers? Why do abusers blame and condemn their victims?
June, 2019  Just because someone else desperately wants something, doesn’t mean you should want it.
June, 2019  Take Care of Yourself

May, 2019  Blaming and Complaining
May, 2019  Why do I have my best ideas when I leave town to go on vacation?
May, 2019  How I stopped lying to myself about who I really wanted to be.

April, 2019  How to transform your worst, pettiest impulses into greatness
April, 2019  How to be miserable at any income level
April, 2019  Yes, you have to fake it til you make it.
April, 2019  Depression Survival Guide

March, 2019  “I’m so tired of men. I’m I’m tired of them looking at me like I’m their little trophy, but that I’m broken, and they are going to glue me back together with their unsupported opinions.”
March, 2019  What’s even worse than a toxic person? A “friend” that supports you one day and undermines you the next.
March, 2019  Why are we so bad at predicting what will make us happy?
March, 2019  But HOW do you “go where you’re celebrated?”
March, 2019  What is Money?
March, 2019  OK, so how do I figure out what I REALLY want?
March, 2019  The McDonald’s Problem (Or: Why you are morally obligated to go after what you really want.)

February, 2019  Even the wrong decision is better than worrying.
February, 2019  Any time you tell your own story, you are helping someone else heal.
February, 2019  Focusing on winning is a sure-fire way to lose
February, 2019  It is a Terrible Curse to be Right
February, 2019  Take more vacations!
February, 2019  Money is not a reward for tolerating stress, pain or hard work. Money is what other people give you to remove THEIR stress, pain and hard work.

January, 2019  There is always a better solution than lying.
January, 2019  I can establish boundaries with my own thoughts. I can demand consent from my own mindset.
January, 2019  Jack Bogle, Rest in Peace
January, 2019  Don’t take sides.
January, 2019  Your social circle now won’t be your social circle forever.
January, 2019  If you know you need to work on it, that proves you are already working on it.

December, 2018  How to change your own toxic behavior in one easy step.
December, 2018  Anxiety, anger and even depression are all good (in small doses.)
December, 2018  Do you struggle with anger? Does it feel almost like an addiction?
December, 2018  Since we’ve all got addictions, maybe the best plan is just to choose a cheap one.
December, 2018  Everyone can do something about isolation

November, 2018  Yes, money solves problems. No, money does not make you happy.
November, 2018  The only real progress is slow progress.
November, 2018  Am I the Abuser?
November, 2018  Conflict is not abuse.

October, 2018  “Why do I only attract abusive men?”
October, 2018  If you’re hiding it, you’re focusing on it. And what you focus on grows.
October, 2018  Dancing reduces Alzheimer’s risk more than any other activity
October, 2018  You always need new friends. Your old friends may be holding you back without even realizing it.
October, 2018  A story is worth a thousand ideas
October, 2018  You can’t lose what you don’t have

September, 2018  How to Start Saving
September, 2018  How to like other people more
September, 2018  Actually, other people really can read your mind
September, 2018  Maybe you are making more progress than you think

August, 2018  Tell your story and let it go free
August, 2018  Inspirational quotes don’t cut it when someone cuts you off on the freeway
August, 2018  If you want to leave, that’s a good enough reason to leave.

July, 2018  How much does it REALLY cost? 5 ways to avoid wasting money
July, 2018  Overcoming Mental Illness

June, 2018  How to get all the voices in your head to agree
June, 2018  Six tip-offs that you don’t really need to buy that

May, 2018  You can train your mind just like you can train your body.
May, 2018  How to become who you always were
May, 2018  Self-Sabotage and the 50,000 Year-Old Brain