At first I did not want to get vaccinated.

I changed my mind in early 2021. I changed my mind because all the world’s most powerful people were desperate to get the vaccine.

You know right, how Zuckerberg, Gates and Jobs strictly limited technology in their homes and for their kids? And how they told their kids to read books and play outside instead?

With vaccines, it’s the opposite. Many of the rich and powerful might publicly be on the fence. But for themselves and their own families, they got vaccinated as soon as they could.

Now here is a statistic. Between 0 percent and 0.001 percent of COVID deaths since July are among the fully vaccinated. But see, I didn’t know the vaccines would be that effective when I got them.

It wasn’t statistics that convinced me. The statistics didn’t exist at the time. It was the behavior of those with the most power and the most access to information. I don’t care what people say. I watch what they do.

So I got vaccinated.

(I also read books and I play outside.)