Rule #1: We all make decisions with our emotions.

Rule #2: Emotions are more contagious than any virus.

Rule #3: You will take on the emotional state of whatever family you are a part of.

Rule #4: You will need multiple families that are separate from each other in order to be emotionally stable, free from abuse, purpose-filled, financially secure, and intellectually clear.

Rule #5: So you need to get really good at creating and maintaining new friendships.

Rule #6: Therefore, you have to get good at dealing with conflict, celebrating differences, listening to people and setting boundaries.

Listening to other people means paying such close attention that you can speak from their position and have them affirm that you got it right.

Dealing with conflict means always directly talking to who you need to talk to, never escalating conflicts by blaming, complaining or gossiping to others.

Celebrating differences means no condemnation, criticism or judgment.

Setting boundaries means if you want to say no, that’s a good enough reason to say no. If you want to leave, that’s a good enough reason to leave.

The essence of boundaries can be explained as follows: Your relationship to any person, and to your own goals, values and problems is 100% your responsibility. And anyone else’s relationship to anyone, or to their own goals, values or problems, is 0% your responsibility.