Coronavirus, Part 2.

I am no longer concerned.

When I first wrote about the new coronavirus, lots of people were still saying it was merely as bad as the flu. I pointed out exactly why it was such a scary virus. So back when everyone else was nonchalant, I was concerned. Now that everyone else is panicking, I feel completely unworried.

As far as I can tell, the scary part is already over.

Why is the scary part over?


We know how to beat the virus.

We haven’t beaten it everywhere. But we’ve beaten it in Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and maybe even in China. We are beating it right now in Washington state; we’ve already flattened the curve.

(Here is a website where you can check, state by state, how we are doing in the United States: )

See here’s the thing. We know how to slow this virus down and eventually even stop it. At first I asked myself the question: but do we have the willingness to do what needs to be done?

Now I realize that even our collective will doesn’t matter. We will eventually do it, whether we like it or not. The only question is timing. And the timing of anything that actually matters is never predictable.

There will also eventually be a cure and probably a vaccine. When? That cannot be predicted.

Am I bothered that people die? Yes, just as I’m bothered that people die because of car accidents, gun violence, and sugar addiction. But I don’t spend my time worrying about any of those things either.

Am I bothered that so many people will lose their jobs and struggle financially? Yes, and I am always bothered by that. It is one of the perpetual concerns of my life. A big part of my professional existence is dedicated to helping people achieve financial stability. But this economic depression we are entering now only changes the scope, not the substance, of the problem.

I am aware that after we shut this virus down once, it will come back again. Maybe it will come back more than once. But none of that is worrisome. I have simply accepted it in the same way I accept that some day I will pass away.

Would I be frightened by any virus? Yes, under two circumstances. First, if we didn’t know how to beat it. Second, if it was a threat but people pretended it was no big deal. That’s why only a few weeks ago I referred to the new coronavirus as “scary”. But now I no longer see anything to be afraid of.