In 2015, when someone asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Your answer turned out to be total bullshit, didn’t it?

Well you know what? Five-year plans are always bullshit. It’s just more obvious now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is one secret to whatever success I’ve ever had starting a business, becoming financially free, building a church, or leading an organization.

I never plan out farther than 90 days.

In fact, my real plans are never for more than 30 days. And I hit those 30 day plans HARD.

I learned a long time ago that I do better with sprints than marathons. If I view life as a marathon, I’ll never finish. Why? I’ll never even start.

Here’s another secret. You can take breaks.

When it comes to the business you want to start, that brilliant non-profit you’ve been thinking about but never quite did anything with, your community work that you know is necessary but you never seem to start, your artistic ambitions, your desires for a healthier life….

Quit with the big picture! It’s only paralyzing you. Figure out what you can do over the next 30 days, and do it.