Yeah I know. In the movies, entitled people are these spoiled rich kids who have easy lives and they think they deserve those easy lives.

In the real world, such people don’t exist.

In the real world, every entitled person has the same motto. “I am a victim.”

Or more precisely, “My life was so hard, and so somebody owes me!”

Who is that somebody? Eh, doesn’t matter. It’s never clear. But somebody owes the entitled person because of all the suffering they’ve had to endure.

And of course, in most cases, the suffering was real.

But everyone suffers.

And outside of a promise or a contractual obligation, no one owes you anything.

See even those entitled rich kids, they suffered something. An abusive Dad. An alcoholic Mom. Sexism, ageism, microaggressions, unpopularity in high school, acne, whatever. Every entitled person thinks that they’ve had a hard life.

How can you tell that you are entitled? If you are focused on the harm that’s happened to you, if you are focused on the terrible things other people did to you, if you are focused on how unfair things are, you are entitled.

In other words, the most entitled people are precisely the ones who think of themselves as long-suffering, unselfish victims.