Procrastination happens because when you fantasize, there is no failure. So the more important something is to you, the more you care about it, the more likely you are to procrastinate.

I mean something different by procrastination than avoidance. We avoid things that are unpleasant. So I don’t think people procrastinate on doing their taxes. They avoid doing their taxes. I think artists procrastinate on precisely the projects they are most passionate about. So do entrepreneurs.

Here is how to defeat procrastination.

I am addicted to writing. I can’t help it. This addiction is the exact opposite of procrastination. How did I acquire this addiction?

I never tried to uproot the fear of failure. Instead, I changed my emotional definition of failure. I did that by celebrating small victories. I celebrated every single time I opened up my website. It was a physical celebration. Didn’t matter if I didn’t write anything.

It took hundreds of repetitions. (Side note: this method is exactly how social media gets you addicted.) But eventually, my mind came to emotionally see success as action itself. Just the taking action. Failure was inaction, period.

And I dislike failure.

You can turn your fear of failure, which causes procrastination, into an addiction that destroys procrastination.

It’s important to change your emotional definition, because your intellectual stuff is all just bullshit anyway. Everything your conscious mind comes up with is just an excuse or a rationalization or whatever.

This is also why I don’t need the law of attraction, positive thinking or any of this other crap that is an attempt to control reality. I don’t need to control anything. I don’t even need to control my thoughts. Thoughts and feelings just come and go. They can be positive. They can be negative. They can be suicidal. But I don’t have to say every stupid thing I think, and I don’t have to act on every bad idea that pops in my head.

There is nothing better than the willingness to take action, and the celebration of every positive action. Once you realize that action is always the answer, no matter what the question is, and once you celebrate taking action instead of celebrating results, you will see that there is no need to control anything.

And suddenly, you may stop rebelling against yourself and your attempt to control yourself. Which is the other side of procrastination. In your gut, you know this is true even if your brain can’t quite make sense of it. But when you procrastinate, you are actually passive-aggressively rebelling against yourself.