1. We all make decisions with our emotions.

2. Spending on stuff for status or therapy or quick hits of pleasure feels good for a while but that feeling fades fast.

3. Nothing feels better, day to day, than when you make far more than your monthly living expenses.

4. Eliminating financial stress improved my life more than any purchase ever could.

5. Our lives are governed by our habits.

6. So spend less than you make. Get used to it. Make it a habit.

7. Go after what you REALLY want in life.

8. Speaking of that, only spend on what you really want too.

9. Some day, you’re going to retire. When that happens, every financial question collapses to one: will you outlive your money? Or will your money outlive you?

10. Once you’re used to saving, start investing. Use your 401(k) if you have it. Use index funds if you can. Keep costs low. Just get started with automatic savings. Pick a small amount at first, then put away your future raises.

11. Stay the course. Markets go up and down. The economy goes up and down.

12. Your health matters. Floss regularly. Eat and exercise like your life depends on your habits. Because it does.