Class #18: How much do I need to save?

(This page is under construction. Soon there will be a link to a video to help you figure out if you are saving enough.)

Exercise #1: How much do you spend now per year?


Exercise #2: Estimate how much you’ll spend in retirement.



Exercise #3: How much will Social Security provide?



Exercise #4: How much income (in today’s dollars) does your portfolio need to provide?



Exercise #5: How large (in today’s dollars) does your portfolio need to be upon retirement?



Exercise #6: Given your risk tolerance, what are the expected returns of your investing strategy?


Exercise #7: Using the method described in the class, how close will your current savings rate get you to your retirement portfolio goal?



(Video should go here.)

The number one question we get from people is, “how much do I need to save?” If you are having any trouble going through these exercises, please send an email.

If you’d like to talk about your answers, feel free to email
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