Class #9 Exercises: Self-Sabotage and Envy

Exercise #1: List the areas in life where you are most afraid of embarrassment, failure, rejection or loss. 









Exercise #2: List the stories you tell yourself to avoid damage to your ego by avoiding really trying to do the things you are afraid you will fail at. Take as much time as you’d like.






Exercise #3: Who do you envy? What do you envy about them?





Exercise #4: What does your envy tell you about what you really want? 






Exercise #5: Where in your life are you acting like the boy who won’t ask out the girl he’s in love with, and instead asks out the girl he merely like?






Exercise #6: Where are you letting fear of failure, embarrassment or rejection stop you?








Exercise #7: What do you procrastinate about? 






Exercise #8: How does procrastination protect you by keeping you in the realm of fantasy, where failure, rejection and embarrassment don’t have to exist?





Exercise #9: How do you use or spend money as a form of self-sabotage? In other words, when do you use money the same way you use procrastination?




Exercise #10: When do you spend money out of jealousy, envy, or an attempt to keep up with others?





A lot of self-help advice will tell you to ask yourself a question like this: If you knew there was no possibility of failure, what would you do? I don’t agree with that method. It keeps you in the realm of fantasy, which is the kingdom of procrastination and self-sabotage.

Exercise #11: What is so important to you that you want to pursue it, even though you know you will experience some failure, some embarrassment, some rejection, and some loss? In other words, what do you really want?








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